La Crosse considering using tire boots on vehicles with multiple overdue parking tickets

Drivers who don’t pay their La Crosse parking tickets could end up with tire boots on their vehicles.

The city of La Crosse is considering using the boots for drivers with 5 or more parking tickets that are more than 60 days overdue. The state of Wisconsin passed a law last month, allowing cities to either boot or tow for overdue parking violations.

La Crosse police say the city has about half a million dollars’ worth of overdue parking tickets not being paid.

“Now, not all of those would qualify under this set statute, but some of them would, and it would just be another avenue for us to use to actually get some compliance with the parking violations that people have accumulated,” said La Crosse Police Department Captain Jason Melby.

The proposal is currently being looked at by the city’s legal department. It will then move on to the La Crosse Common Council for a vote.