La Crosse community leaders, members learn about ‘A Community Response to Trauma’

La Crosse community members, officials, and leaders met today to learn how they can better respond to traumatic events.

The Human Services and Criminal Justice clubs at Western Technical College hosted Friday’s ‘A Community Response to Trauma’ presentation. The clubs wanted to raise awareness and help create a compassionate response for trauma victims by educating the community.

Speakers included local care providers, court leaders, and trauma survivors to show the wide-reaching impact of traumatic events.

“Trauma comes in so many differenct ways, and it starts young, and we’re seeing that at a younger age. That ability to identify it early on will catch us up with the individual , guiding them, protecting them, as well as the family members , as they grow up,” said Western Technical College Human Services Student Bill Robbins.

Organizers say Friday’s presentations were so successful they are already planning for follow-up events.