La Crosse Common Council to vote on funding, plans for La Crosse Center

Additional funding for the La Crosse Center is being considered by La Crosse’s common council, but the plans are not favored by everyone in La Crosse’s City Hall.

La Crosse’s Common Council will consider approving 7.2 million dollars in addition funding.

$42 million have already been approved for the 38 year-old building’s renovation in La Crosse’s downtown.

Council members will also be asked to approve the design plans, which would extend the La Crosse Center towards the Mississippi River and into Riverside Park.

La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat says that while he supports plans to renovate the building, he has concerns about tomorrow’s request.

“The 42 million dollars is enough, I mean that is a very robust program when you’re talking about the renovations and expanding,” said La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat.

The renovated La Crosse Center is estimated to generate six to nine million dollars annually for the local economy.