La Crosse Co. Sheriff’s Office purchases new Bearcat tactical vehicle

Funded through grant, selling old vehicle

A new tactical vehicle will help the La Crosse Co. Sheriff’s Office respond to dangerous situations.

The new Bearcat will allow the Sheriff’s Office to more safely respond and assist to calls in La Crosse and surrounding counties.

Most of the funding for the Bearcat came from a $225,000 grant from Wisconsin Emergency Management. The remaining cost of the vehicle was covered by the sale of the old Bearcat.

Sheriff’s Office deputies say the new piece of equipment offers better protection for officers and citizens.

“It allows law enforcement officers to stay out of harms way, to get close to an incident, to assist citizens that may be injured, assist officers that may be injured, and resolve situations which normal street officers in patrol cars can’t,” said La Crosse Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Jeff Wolf.

Deputies also say other law enforcement agencies in the state can request the use of the Bearcat for dangerous situations.