La Crosse Co. Board Vice Chair enters race for 95th Assembly seat

LA CROSSE, Wis. —  Senator-elect Jennifer Shilling won the recent recall election which means there will soon be a vacancy for her 95th assembly seat.  The first candidate formally announced Monday they are throwing their hat in the ring.


Jill Billings is running as a Democrat for the seat.  She is the current vice chair of the La Crosse County Board.

Billings knows she is entering the race in a difficult political climate.  “In years past it hasn’t been the way it is now and it doesn’t need to be the way it is now, we should have good government in Madison where everyone is part of the process, you’re always a stronger body when you can bring all voices to the table and then make a good decision with everybody being listened to,” says Billings.

La Crosse Board of Education President Christine Clair plans to announce her candidacy for the 95th later this week. 

Now, It will be up to the Governor to call a special election after Shilling resigns her Assembly seat, but there is no timetable or requirement for him to do so.  A Governor calls a special election to be held within about 2 months of a resignation.