La Crosse Co. Board puts the brakes on wheel tax proposal

The La Crosse County Board won’t be taking up a controversial plan to enforce a wheel tax anytime soon.

The board voted Thursday night to not discuss the idea at its monthly meeting.

The plan would’ve charged people an additional $20 fee when registering their vehicle.

That money would be used for much needed road repairs throughout the county. 

Even though the funding is needed, the County Board chairperson says the tax is not something they’re considering.

“Our partners at the state have many more options available to them to generate enough revenue to pass on to counties for safer roads. You know, at the local level we have many fewer options and the vehicle registration fee is an option that is just not very palatable for our community right now,” said La Crosse County Board Chair Tara Johnson.  

The tax would’ve generated about 1.7 million dollars annually for the county. However, that would not have covered the 2.6 million needed for road repairs.