La Crosse Co. announces e-Cigarette ban

La Crosse County’s smoking ordinance now includes e-cigarettes.

The county updated its ordinance to include a ban on the use of e-cigarettes in county buildings, county cars, or any space owned by the county.  However, the ban does not apply to open air spaces at county parks. The decision comes after concerns over the vapors released from the e-cigarettes and questions surrounding where they can be used.

Health educators say there’s still a lot unanswered questions about the health risks that come along with smoking the devices.

“Some of the research that has been done has looked at heavy metals that are harmful to humans, that are water vapor, or the smoke that isn’t a burned tobacco smoke, but it’s an off gassing of the e-cigarette,” said Paula Silha, a health educator manager for the county. 

The ban goes into effect later this week.  Violating the new ban could lead to a fine of up to $240.