La Crosse city to buy old ‘Plaid Pantry’ building

Part of community revitalization

The city of La Crosse is taking over a building known to many as the ‘Plaid Pantry.’

The city’s Community Development Committee met this afternoon to talk about how much they were going pay for the building located on Jackson Street.

The old pantry is currently owned by Shelter Development of La Crosse.

That group hoped to turn the building into a new neighborhood resource center for La Crosse’s south side.

La Crosse’s Mayor says the building was a part of redevelopment plans for years.

“Shelter Development was able to reach an agreement a little over a year ago, and in our conversations with them about the future we’re to this point where I believe it’s in the best interests for the city to go ahead and acquire that,” said La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat.

The city is planning to pay about $55,000 for the ‘Plaid Pantry’ building.