La Crosse City to begin removing 481 stumps

Leftovers from Ash tree removals

The final steps are approved Monday to remove ash trees in the city of La Crosse.

Public Works Monday morning approved the removal of 481 stumps throughout the city. City officials had to wait for spring to thaw the ground before the stump grinding could begin.

According to the city’s Parks and Forestry department, most of the stumps are left over from the city’s prevention efforts against the Emerald Ash Borer, a beetle known to kill ash trees from the inside.

“Since this time last year we took out 1,200 ash trees on the boulevards, and now with the frost coming out of the ground it’s time to get those tree stumps as well as plant the replacements and kind of replenish our urban forest,” said La Crosse Parks & Forestry Supervisor Dan Trussoni.

Public Works also approved the purchase of 255 trees to replace some of the ash trees removed to prevent the spread of the EAB.