La Crosse City, County creating brochure of local needle disposal resources

New protocols are being developed in La Crosse after a business owner found hundreds of used needles in his business’s dumpster.

The city and county of La Crosse are putting together a list of resources for people trying to get rid of a large number of needles. Agencies plan on creating a brochure to list groups that are certified and trained to properly dispose of those SHARPS objects.

“Rather than trying to solve it while we’re in the field, if we’re not able to solve it immediately we’re going to be able to give them the contact numbers and the options that they have for the cleanup,” said La Crosse Fire Department Assistant Chief Jeff Murphy.

Plans are to make those brochures available sometime early next year. However, the property owner would be responsible for the cost if a private service is needed for cleanup.

The La Crosse Fire Department says they see a large amount of improperly disposed needles about 3 times a year.

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