La Crosse City Council override mayoral veto on budget plan

Kabat vetoed plan due to additional $250,000 tax levy

La Crosse’s Common Council overrides the mayor’s budget proposal veto.

The council met during a special session Thursday night to address the veto. During the meeting, council members reached the necessary 70-percent votes in favor of the budget proposal to override the mayor’s veto.

The budget plan includes an additional $250,000 tax levy.

The city’s budget has been tightened each year since La Crosse mayor Tim Kabat took office. While council members see that as a good thing, some say an additional fund for emergency situations is necessary.

“We’ve come to the end of the line on that in my opinion, and I believe that it was time to at least give us some cushion there that doesn’t exist,” said District 16 La Crosse City Council Member Martin Gaul.

La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat says while he was hoping to avoid the tax increase, this is how democracy works and he is prepared to move on.

“My, I guess big, difference of opinion with the council is I feel like with the $3 million excess reserve fund that we have the flexibility and we’ve got the funds there to address any unforeseen circumstance. The council didn’t feel that way,” said Mayor Kabat.

The additional $250,000 tax levy will increase the city tax rate by a little more than five cents per $1,000 of property value per year.