La Crosse City Council member proposes changing alcohol sale hours

Retailers would be able to sell earlier

Third shifters in La Crosse may soon be able to enjoy a beer at the end of their work day.

A new proposal at city hall would allow beer and liquor to be bought as early as 6 in the morning within city limits. Currently, retailers cannot sell alcohol until 8 each morning.

The bill’s author says the change improves convenience for residents while matching surrounding communities.

“Everyone around us, and I did check other municipalities, French Island, Onalaska, and Bangor even, everybody is at 6 a.m. So I thought it was important just to make the change and help our businesses out in the city of La Crosse,” said La Crosse City Council Member Andrea Richmond.

Liquor sales would still end at 9 each night under the proposal, and beer at midnight.

La Crosse’s Judiciary and Administrative Committee will take up the bill on October 31. The City Council will then vote on November 2.