La Crosse County Board candidates removed from spring ballot

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Two La Crosse County supervisors will not be on the spring ballot because of problems with their nomination papers.

The County Clerk’s office ruled that 3rd district candidate Doug Weidenbach, and 5th district candidate Isaac Tahiri be removed from the upcoming ballot.

City council member and Weidenbach’s opponent, Barb Janssen, claims that her nomination signature for Weidenbach was not properly signed.

Tahiri was found to have gathered some signatures from people who had already signed papers for his opponent.

Enough signatures from both candidates were discovered to be invalid, making their total signatures beneath the minimum requirement to qualify.

“If opponents turn in enough signatures, which is why we always say turn in well more than minimum, then this doesn’t happen. But when you turn in the very bare minimum and something like this happens, then you fall below ballot status,” said La Crosse County Clerk, Ginny Dankmeyer. “As long as I’ve been county clerk this is the first time we’ve had to take three people off the ballot for challenges.”

Dankmeyer also ruled that Onalaska Municipal Judge John Brinckman be removed from the ballot for his failure to file a financial statement on time.