La Crosse City Clerk shows off new voting machines

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- La Crosse’s election clerk is inviting the public to see the new, accessible voting machines being used by all of La Crosse County.

The ‘Expressvote’ machine allows people with visual or mobility impairments to fill out a ballot. The machine is only for marking ballots, not for counting them. “Once this Expressvote card prints out, it is then taken to the tabulator and fed through just like the official ballot is, and at that point, it is tabulated, the votes are counted,” explains La Crosse City Clerk Nikke Elsen.

The machines will be available on voting days for everyone to use. They replace the county’s 15-year-old machines. La Crosse County purchased the “Expessvote” machines for every voting place in its cities and townships.