La Crosse city clerk position may become an appointed position

Proposal to be addressed Monday

Voters in La Crosse may no longer have the option to choose their city clerk.

A new proposal would change the city clerk position from an elected position to one appointed by the mayor and approved by the city council. Currently, La Crosse’s city clerk is one of three elected administrative positions, including the mayor and municipal judge.

La Crosse’s current city clerk is in favor of the change, saying the job has many requirements that need to be met.

“If you miss deadlines, or if you don’t follow the open meetings law, you know, if you don’t follow state law on public records, meeting notices, election law, licenses, you could get the city in trouble,” said La Crosse City Clerk Teri Lehrke.

A city council committee is scheduled to address the proposal next week. Residents can petition to take the change to a public referendum though.

If passed, the change would take place in April of 2021, when the current city clerk’s term ends.