La Crosse Chamber asks for public support on La Crosse Center expansion project

The La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce is seeking support from the business community to help move forward the La Crosse Center expansion project.

According to an email sent by the Chamber Executive Director Vicki Markussen, the Chamber, along with Downtown Mainstreet, Explore La Crosse, and the 7 River Alliance developed a website with visuals and an explanation of the economic impact the expansion would have.

The email also said that the Chamber Board has chosen to take a position in support of the proposal as planned. After more than 18 months of public hearings, meetings, and votes in favor of the expansion project by the City’s Finance Committee, Parks, and the Council, a veto has paused the project.

A super majority of the Council is needed on July 12 to override the veto.

The La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce believes the current La Crosse Center expansion proposal should pass as presented because we believe:

— The multi-year process to arrive at this plan was inclusive and exhaustive, resulting in meeting the fiscal and space constraints identified
— The plan diversifies use of 3% of Riverside Park in an area that is under-used
— Delaying this process will cost more financially and jeopardizes the health of downtown La Crosse
— No answer is not an answer

What the Chamber asks of you:

1. Copy the “Why” section above and paste it into an email.
2. Change “The La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce believes” to “I believe”
3. Add your name, company (if relevant) and address. Feel free to add the impact your business or your customers business feels from the La Crosse Center
4. Email it to:;