La Crosse celebrates Neighbor’s Day to help people in need

Area residents were out Saturday helping the elderly and disabled citizens of La Crosse. Groups in the area came together to rake yards, trim shrubs, turn gardens and wash windows.

More than 100 volunteers came to the event today to split into small groups and help others.

Peggy Vanzee has been volunteering for Neighbor’s Day for the last 19 years. She says she looks forward to this day more than anything.

“This is like my sign of the spring. For some it’s the first robin they see, for me it’s Neighbor’s day. It’s like ‘Alright I got the email. It’s coming up. I got the date.’ So that’s my spring. That’s my time to get out and meet people and get energized again for the upcoming spring and summer. It’s fantastic,” said 19 year Neighbor’s Day volunteer Peggy Vanzee.

If you are still interested in helping out you can contact the Habitat for Humanity in La Crosse for volunteer opportunities.