La Crosse Boys & Girls Clubs to open baseball, softball practices next week

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater La Crosse are set to roll out phased summer baseball and softball that include programs from Holmen, Onalaska, West Salem, and Shelby.

The first phase of the summer programs begin next week and will limit the on-field action to practices.

“We’re going to get groups of kids scheduled around that 12-13 number with one or two coaches,” the organization’s athletic director Nick Bernhardt said. “We’ll split them into a couple groups to keep the groups smaller.

“Depending on what happens over the next couple weeks, maybe we can do some scrimmages at the end of June, with the hope of July 6 trying to start some league games.”

The organization’s guidelines call for more use of personal equipment and temperature checks when players arrive to the field. If someone tests positive for COVID-19, the whole team will have to stop activities for 14 days. Even though this summer’s programs will look a lot different, Bernhardt says the interest level is very high.

“We did a survey a few weeks back just to try to gauge interest, like are you still going to play? We know some people registered in April, early May, and we were getting 98 percent feedback of yeah, we want to play,” he said.