La Crosse attracts steady flow of doctors

Mayo Clinic Health Systems says they recruit about 25 doctors to our area each year.

After completing his residency at University of Michigan, pediatrician Chad Kritzberger had his pick of where to practice.

“During my interview trail I was very intentional about looking at what colleagues I would end up working with and when I was here interviewing in La Crosse I was profoundly impressed,” Kritzberger said.

He ultimately decided to settle at the Mayo Clinic in Holmen.

“There are some in my class graduating who wanted to be in large cities; I really enjoy a more rural atmosphere. I also really liked the idea of getting to know my school district well, getting to know families for the long term in a smaller community,” Kritzberger said.

Mike Malone is a physician recruiter for Mayo Clinic Health Systems in La Crosse. He spends his days searching for talented doctors like Kritzberger.

“We do recruit nationally from different programs. We recruit internationally as well, so it doesn’t really matter to us where the physician and family are from. What matters to us is how they will care for our patients and how interested they are in the lifestyle that La Crosse has,” Malone said.

He said doctors are just as attracted to Mayo Health System as they are to the area.

“The connection to our great docs at Mayo Rochester and all of that knowledge and expertise they can tap into  is a huge draw and the community of La Crosse if they see it, it tends to be a fairly easy sell,” Malone said.

Malone said part of his job is to keep doctors in the area for the long haul. Luckily for him Kritzberger doesn’t plan on moving any time soon.

“It’s very rewarding to be part of a small community because I know that patients, and their families are grateful to have providers in the area and I appreciate that gratitude,” Kritzberger said.