La Crosse area students participate in ‘Exploratory Surgery Day’

Some area high school students got a hands-on lesson about what it means to be a surgeon.

On Tuesday, the students got to watch a live surgery at Gundersen Health System and then got to learn some of the techniques doctors use while in surgery.

Gundersen Health System Surgeon Brandon Grover said the “Exploratory Surgery Day” is a great way for students to get experience in the medical field before entering college.

“You know when I was growing up, I had an interest in surgery and medicine but I had no clue what it really entails,” Grover said. “A lot of it was just really hearing from other people but this is actually great because it gives them a chance to get hands-on to see things first hand.”

The students spent a majority of their time in the hospital’s new renovated Integrated Center for Education. The Center acts as a training site for doctors and nurses.