La Crosse area businesses give students with special needs a day they won’t forget

The holidays are a busy time for businesses in the area.

But despite that, several local companies put time and money aside to make some students at Holmen High feel and look like a million dollars.

A ride in a limo is usually reserved for a special occasion.

“I heard it’s going to be fun,” projected Jacob Flick, a student with Project LIVE at Holmen High School.

Most people can count the times they’ve been in one on one hand.

“We decided to kick it up a notch,” said Nick Slusser, Special Education Teacher at Holmen High School.

So why is a Limo pulling up to Holmen High School on a Tuesday?

“I have no information on that,” said Jacob.

“I’m not so sure what the plans are yet,” said Ethan, another student at Holmen High.

“Super excited,” added student Harmony Dewitz.

The students about to ride have no idea.

Or that the limo is here in the first place.

They’re riding in style to an unknown destination.

Meanwhile, volunteers at the Freighthouse in La Crosse are getting ready for a day they’ll never forget.

“You’re about to find out how incredibly supportive our community members are,” Slusser told his class.

Because today, a building that’s usually a place to have a good meal is being transformed into a beauty salon all for some very special guests.

“Have you seen their faces? This is like getting an additional paycheck,” said Slusser.

Students are getting haircuts and their makeup done for free, all as a complete surprise.

“What better way to spoil our students and athletes.”

Slusser wanted to give his students a chance to shine.

“They’re going to look a certain way, and hopefully people will see them as adults. Instead of ‘oh that is a person with disability.'”

So he made some calls, and was able to find people in the community who wanted to make this day happen.

“Sue Kolve is a friend of mine. So I asked her if she could bring in some academy students, Sarah’s a good friend of mine, it was all about piecing it together,” said Volunteer Liz Wuensch.

Although several area companies volunteered time and money to make this happen, the end product is priceless.

“It’s way better than my imagination was,” admitted Jacob.

“I can’t believe it,” said Ethan.

“I’m here with my classmates that I call family,” explained Harmony.

The only thing left, is a picture to commemorate this day, because if a picture is worth a thousand words. These students don’t have any to add.

“I’m speechless.”

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