La Crescent shows support for essential workers with “Celebration Caravan”

Celebration Caravan

LA CRESCENT, Minn. (WKBT) – Residents of La Crescent gathered to show their support for essential workers.

The “Celebration Caravan” ran through the residential part of town so people could watch it without leaving their homes.

People gathered along the streets to see cars decorated with messages of hope and support.

Monica Holman, the La Crescent Rotary Club President, said “We wanted to make sure and give a shout out to all the essential workers; the educators, the restaurants, the firemen, the first responders. I’m probably missing a lot of them but we just wanted to show how the community has really come together during this time.”

Some of the groups who gathered to participate in the event were the La Crescent Rotary Club, Elementary School, Food Shelf, and area restaurants.