La Crescent principal, teacher duct taped to wall

Elementary school raised $21,000 from Great Green Run

Students at La Crescent Elementary School duct taped Principal Mr. Woller and physical education teacher Mr. Ekern on Wednesday afternoon.

The event was in celebration of the school raising more than $21,000 from the Great Green Run, a fundraising event to provide financial support for student field trips and activities.

“We get to put on one piece of tape and then we have to see if Mr. Ekern and Mr. Woller can stay there when we remove the chairs,” said La Crescent-Hokah Elementary 4 th grader Molly Bills.

“I don’t know if this tape will hold me up, but it’s going to be a guessing game we’re definatley putting the laws of gravity to the test,” said La Crescent-Hokah Elementary Principal Jay Woller.

Students in third and fourth grade – the two highest earning grades from the Great Green Run – began the taping process at about 12:45. The rest of the school joined them in the gym a little while later.

In 2013, Logan Middle School students duck taped their principal to the wall and threw cream pies at their teachers to raise money for Freedom Honor Flight.