La Crescent-Hokah students head back to classroom after COVID-19 outbreak slows

LA CRESCENT, Minn. (WKBT) — Students in La Crescent-Hokah schools will be back in the classroom May 11 after the district says the spread of COVID-19 among them has slowed down.

District officials sent out a letter to parents and students Thursday announcing the decision to return to in-person learning next Tuesday after 14 days of virtual school.

“While the spread of COVID-19 between our students has not stopped, it has slowed. It will be important for all students, families, and staff to follow safety protocols to minimize the spread and to allow us to stay open until the end of this school year,” said the district in the letter.

The school’s COVID-19 response team will continue to work with the Minnesota Department of Health and Houston County Public Health Department to monitor the spread.

Students in grades 5-12 will return to in-person learning Tuesday. Wednesdays will be a distance learning day for all students grades 5-12. The seniors’ last day of school is Friday, May 21. All activities may resume practice after school Monday, May 10.

“It is important for families to know that if your child feels any symptoms of being unwell, please keep your child home and consider having a COVID test.  It is important to continue to practice physical distancing, wearing masks, staying home if you feel ill, and avoiding large gatherings of any kind to help control the spread,” said the district. “Help us to allow for the school to be concluded in this way.”

Parents who are worried about their students getting COVID-19 during in-person learning should contact their child’s grade level office.