La Crescent high school students suspended from graduation give their take on prank gone wrong

“We were just trying to do a classic senior prank. One that was not harmful, not destructive, or damaging to anything or anyone,” expressed La Crescent High School Senior Keegan McCarthy.

The prank of stacking up chairs and desks in the hallway lead to a statement given to News 8 from superintendent Kevin Cardille outlining racist graffiti and a possible break in.

Two of the students I talked to today feel that the statement is not accurate.

“We never intended to put anything homophobic or racist in the school whatsoever,” added McCarthy.

What the students believe the district interpreted as racist and homophobic was phallic imagery on a whiteboard, along with a message written on a dry erase board.

“One of the teachers often says to his students black people can not be racist and so the student acted alone in writing saying ‘black people cannot be racist is a racist statement’,” explained La Crescent High School Senior Blake Anderson.

“That’s where he said we were saying racist statements, the definition of racist is discriminatory against a race. That wasn’t discriminatory against any race whatsoever,” said McCarthy.

After pleading their case that,

“There was no harm intended, and not really a lot of harm done,” explained Anderson.

School officials met with the students identified to be part of the prank, who then pleaded their case.

” We are not saying we didn’t do it we are all graciously saying we did do it. we graciously at this meeting attempted to apologize for what we did,” expressed Anderson.

Afterwards, they received this email from the Principal, outlining that they were not able to walk at their graduation, and that they were banned from all senior activities.

“This is a huge part of our lives, and we feel as if we’re almost being robbed of it,” feared Anderson.

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