La Crescent community comes together to support local boy with brain cancer

LA CRESCENT, Wis. (WKBT) — Noah Schroeder was diagnosed with brain cancer last November.

Since his diagnosis, Noah has gone through seven rounds of chemotherapy.

“Recovery from that has been kind of slow going, but then add to that, the 30 rounds of radiation that he had too,” said Noah’s dad, Rob Schroeder. “He’s been through it no doubt. And he’s always got this smile on his face too.”

And is currently going to physical therapy.

“We go upstairs, and then we walk down them. And then you can go up and down in a chair without using your hand. Then we do a lot of other stretches for my ankle because they swell up from chemo. Because I can’t move them during chemo,” Noah said.

La Crescent high school held a fundraiser for Noah during the girl’s varsity basketball game.

Noah’s family says they are grateful.

“This falls in line with everything else they’ve been doing for us and and you know this community is like great and honestly, we’re just overwhelmed with gratitude,” Rob said.

Noah says he has been adjusting to the change in his life.

“I mean, I miss my hair, but the nurses at the two hospitals I went to, they were all nice,” Noah said.

Noah says the nurses and teachers around him have inspired Noah to become a teacher or a nurse someday.

Noah’s parents say their main focus is to support Noah and are hopeful for the future.

“We just try to live that normal life within reason and you know our life now is just to support Noah in every way possible and make sure he is doing okay,” Rod said.

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