La Crescent Animal Rescue takes in cats from hoarding situation

Rescue is asking for funds, donations to help care for cats.

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LA CRESCENT, Wis. (WKBT) – The La Crescent Animal Rescue is looking for help after taking in more than 40 cats from a hoarding situation.

Since some of the female cats are pregnant, rescuers expect to have 60 to 70 cats in three to four months.

Taking in so many animals at one time is expensive for the rescue, especially since so many of the cats need medical attention.

According to Charmaine Uphaus, the Cat Health Coordinator for the La Crescent Animal Rescue, this could have been avoided.

Uphaus says, “the situation, I think, started out innocently enough, but it got out of hand and this just points to the necessity of people spaying and neutering their animals so that it doesn’t get to this level.”

The rescue team has gotten enough food donations to feed the cats, but is now looking for other supplies like paper towels, examination gloves, and bleach.

Volunteers are also wanted to help clean and take care of the cats.

You can make monetary donations to the rescue on their Gofundme page.

La Crescent Animal Rescue is a no-kill organization, meaning every cat will stay with them until they get adopted.

You can find more information on the La Crescent Animal Rescue website.