Kwik Trip, Smith Candle Co. turn out candle smelling like car wash, yeah

Kwik Trip Tri Foam
(Kwik Trip photo)

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — Kwik Trip and Smith and Co. Candles LLC have just the thing for those who’ve always yearned to have the aroma of a car wash waft through their homes.
La Crosse-based Kwik Trip and the Eau Claire candle company, which specializes in handmade soy candles, just unveiled their second specialty candle of the summer: “Elite Day” candles and melts, which are available online.
Elite Day CandleKendra Nedegaard, Kwik Trip’s digital content supervisor, recalled the Kwik Trip-Smith collaboration on their Glazers-scented candle in May as she announced the new candle Wednesday.
“This was new territory for our company, so we were thrilled to see the positive feedback surrounding the launch,” Nedegaard said.
“Our social team received significant comments and suggestions for future candle editions. The most requested was easily our car wash tri-foam smell,” she said.
“If there’s anyone who could turn our guests’ wishes into a reality,” they would be candle company owner Kenna Smith-Hoff and her husband, Doug, Nedegaard said.
“We knew we needed to make this scent a
reality,” Kenna said. “It’s especially near and dear to my heart because my dad, Jim, works for Kwik Trip as their lead car wash field service supervisor and oversees car wash production and maintenance in all three states” where the gas/convenience chain has stores — Kwik Trips in Wisconsin and Minnesota and Kwik Stars in Iowa.
She described producing the Glazers and Elite Day candles “has been a dream come true.
For the record, neither company is giving away any proprietary secrets. The formula of Kwik Trip’s tri-foam remains as closely guarded as the Glazer glazing technique, as does Smith and Co.’s magic touch of infusing candles with pleasant smells.
The joint news release from the companies promised that lighting an Elite Day will release a nasal experience that “will transport you directly to your local car wash. The Elite Day scent features top notes of soap bubbles, middle notes of fresh cherries and bottom notes of a fresh clean car.”

The 16-ounce Elite Day and Glazers candles are $17.49 apiece, while the melts are $4.50 a package.