Kwik Trip girl: Onalaska woman visits 457 Wisconsin Kwik Trip stores in one year

Cassandra Berger, a Kwik Trip superfan, made her final stop of the year in Holmen on Wednesday

HOLMEN, Wis. (WKBT) – There are dozens of Kwik Trip stores in the Coulee Region, and hundreds throughout Wisconsin.

But for this Onalaska woman, her stop at the Kwik Trip located on 1550 S. Holmen Dr. in Holmen is just another day at the office.

“I’m Cassandra Berger, KT girl!,” Berger said.

Why is Berger known as the Kwik Trip girl?

“Because I’m obsessed with Kwik Trip,” Berger said, with a laugh.

The moment she walks in, she chats it up with some of the store’s employees and even the guests.

“I love hearing what other people like about Kwik Trip and why they come here,” Berger said. “As you can tell when you walk through the store, everyone’s happy. Like all of the employees are happy.”

Berger also does a YouTube series in a partnership with Kwik Trip.

“KT Bound with Cassandra,” Berger said. “Watch it!”

Documenting her experience, at every store in Wisconsin this year.

“I’ve already accomplished my goal,” Berger said.

The Kwik Trip girl has not been to one, not two, not three, but more than 450 Kwik Trips throughout Wisconsin this year.

457 to be exact.

“I go big,” Berger said.

Berger says she’s traveled to stores as far north as Superior, and as far east as Green Bay.

“I think this year, I’ve put on like 10,000 miles almost, which is crazy,” Berger said. “But I haven’t gotten a speeding ticket, so I would say that’s been a success.”

There could be a new challenge for her, because there’s more stores outside of the state.

“I know! I know!,” Berger said.

No small task, but one she’s already proven she can do.

“Maybe in the future sometime, then maybe I’ll do all of Minnesota and then all of Iowa,” Berger said.

And until that time comes, the Kwik Trip girl’s journey in America’s Dairyland can’t end without a proper send-off.

“One, two, three! See you next time!,” a group of Kwik Trip workers cheered to Berger.

Berger says the first Kwik Trip she stopped at this year was the location on West Avenue by UW-La Crosse.

The most amount of stores she’s visited in one day? 52!