Koula’s attorneys react to state’s appeal response

Attorneys say the state would be wrong to deny him a retrial

The West Salem man convicted of killing his parents says the state would be wrong to deny him a retrial.

Eric Koula’s attorneys filed a reply to the state’s appeal response. He’s asking the state court of appeals to get a new trial.

Koula was found guilty of killing his parents in their home for money in 2012.
In his reply Koula’s attorneys say hearsay evidence regarding his dad’s intent to cut off the kids was fundamental to the state’s theory of motive which is what tied Koula to the murder, not physical evidence.

He also argues he didn’t get a full trial since evidence about Google Maps directing a possible hitman to the Koula’s house by mistakes was not allowed.

All of the arguments now go before the state of appeals to decide if there is a case.
La Crosse County Judge Scott Horne denied a similar appeal last year.