Koenig’s former mentor takes pride in how far he’s come

The same people who stood behind La Crosse Aquinas grad Bronson Koenig in high school will be standing behind him this weekend. That includes some of the people who helped get him to where he is today.

Across a sea of red and white inside AT&T Stadium Friday, you probably wouldn’t peg Mark Dannhoff for a true Badger fan with his blue shirt. However, don’t be fooled by the blue – Mark Dannhoff is Badger to the bone, born and raised in La Crosse. 

He’s also one of two coaches in Arlington to support a player he helped mold. “Number 24, Bronson Koenig.”

“First time I saw Bronson play was in your gym freshman year,” said Dannhoff to Koenig’s former high school coach Rick Schneider.

This weekend, Dannhoff’s just a fan in the stands with Schneider, but on most days you’ll find Dannhoff on the sidelines at Texas A&M Corpus Christi as an assistant coach. He also coached in an AAU league where Koenig played under him in high school.

“Just watching him thinking, boy, this kid really is special,” said Dannhoff.

Dannhoff keeps in touch with Koenig, never shaking that mentor mentality.
“He’s probably going to have to guard a pretty big player too.” Especially, on a weekend like this one. “It’s funny, he made the comment to me that last year he was playing in Sparta and this year I’m playing in the AT&T Center in front of 80,000 people, and I said, ‘It’s amazing how things change, isn’t it?'”

In a Texas stadium overtaken by Badger red, Dannhoff might’ve looked out of place Friday, but he considers it somewhat of a homecoming. “This is great with the Badgers being here and Bronson just makes it a little bit more special.”