Koenig working strong mind, strong body in offseason workouts

Wisconsin point guard incorporates boxing while preparing for junior season

Two seasons with the Wisconsin Badgers. Two trips to the Final Four. La Crosse Aquinas graduate Bronson Koenig is still focused on getting better whether by traditional, or non-traditional means for a basketball player.

Koenig’s time in La Crosse is limited between classes and basketball seasons that have stretched into April. But one constant since the tail end of his high school playing days is to make time whenever he can for a workout with Fred Nicklaus who runs Martial Arts America.

“I think the work I’m doing right now with Mr. Nicklaus here is kind of getting my mind a lot stronger, just more mentally prepared going into next season.

“Basketball, whatever you want to break it down, is some physical but mostly mental. If you’ve got the confidence going into games, that’s everything. One of the biggest things in my game that I want to improve is always being confident in every single game, always knowing that I’m the best stepping on the court. And I think he’s helping me a lot on that.”

“What can you do to put yourself in a prime state all the time no matter what is going on, no matter if bullets are flying at you? You can be relaxed and you can function efficiently and that’s really the secret,” said Nicklaus who stresses to athletes of always being in a prime psychological state.

The 45-minute workouts with Koenig provide plenty of variety. Everything from breathing exercises to martial arts and boxing.

“It’s a strength workout, it’s a cardiovascular workout, it’s a flexibility workout, and it’s a psychology workout,” said Nicklaus.

And the boxing matches up perfectly with basketball.

“When you strike it’s quickness and explosion so it’s very similar to a basketball game where you are high energy, high intensity. And then you relax a little bit. So your heart rate is constantly changing.”

“It’s a really tough workout, it’s great for me,” said Koenig. “It’s also not very taxing on my body, doing all body weight stuff on the mat, it’s not pounding like on the treadmill or track.”

Hard work Koenig puts in as he saw five former teammates find jobs in the NBA over the past week.

“First and foremost I’m just thinking about our team going into next year and losing all those guys and just trying to be a better leader to the five incoming freshmen that we have and just try to rally our team for next season. But obviously it’s in the back of your mind that the NBA and everything like this is the ultimate goal and that is what I’m ultimately working for.”