Koenig Celebrates Native American Hertiage at Local Pow-Wow

Bronson Koenig did not have to say much. His presence Sunday in front of a crowd of over 300 at Mitchell Hall did most of the talking.

He took pictures, signed autographs, and more importantly confirmed his stance as a role model in the local Native American community.

“There have been a lot of requests for me to speak at several different reservations,” said Koenig. “Hopefully I can find some time to go there and speak to some children. I want to be that role model that I am talking about being.”

It was a special day for the Ho-Chunk Nation, and a special day for mom, too.

“I know she misses me, with me being gone for so long,” said Koenig. “I just wanted to come back, especially for Mother’s Day. It is kind of convenient that there is a powwow at the same time.”

Koenig attended powwows like the one Sunday as a child alongside his mother in Black River, Wisconsin. Koenig now provides a new role model in the community that did not exist in those days. And that is what it is all about.