Kmart lot to turn into multi-use complex named ‘Copper Rocks’

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — It’s been decided: The old Kmart property will be converted into a multi-use complex that includes housing and commercial use.

The multi-use development will be named “Copper Rocks.”

There are still a lot of details to work out, but if all goes to plan they hope to break ground by the end of the summer.

Eight months ago, Three-Sixty Real Estate held its first community engagement meeting regarding the Kmart property and what to do with it.

Wednesday night, they took what the community said and presented a detailed concept.

“We want it to be a positive impact on the neighborhood, we want it to positively impact the community, so what better way to do that than organically ask and find out what people wanna see there instead of us coming in top-down and saying this is what should be there,” said Jeremy Novak, project manager at Three-Sixty Real Estate Project.

Copper Rocks will be a multi-use complex with multiple buildings.

The development has three primary focuses: housing, commercial use and some unique workspace.


“We’re going to put some incubator business offices in there,” Novak said. “With the pandemic and how things have changed, we know there’s a demand driver for small office space, people can get out of their house and have a small office. Have a little separation from home and work.”

Novak has set a very aggressive timeline for the project, with groundbreaking targeted for late summer.

Novak acknowledged that some big challenges that could get in the way.

“Another concern that we have is interest rates, the inflation that we’re seeing and supply chain and materials backup,” he said. “So there are certain things that are challenging to get right now and there are very long lead times,”

The most important elements are doing the project the right way and not rushing it, he said.

Many members of the community still had questions about the finer details, such as how many people is the housing will accommodate and how many stories the buildings will have.

Three-Sixty Real Estate says still is working out those details and will host another community engagement meeting toward the end of February with more of those answers, Novak said.

For any questions or comments about the new development, you can email the developers at

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