Kindness of strangers helps rescue frisky Clyde

Owner feared he was a tangled target for coyotes

HILLSBORO, Wis. (WKBT) – Carol Ballweg’s plaintive Facebook plea for help to find her rescue dog led not only to success in finding the little rascal but also meeting neighbors she hadn’t known before.
Ballweg, of rural Hillsboro, set off on an early morning walk with Clyde at 5:30 a.m. Wednesday when she accidentally dropped his leash — and he bolted.
Friend Karen Olsen-Ernst of rural Ontario, who had fostered Clyde before Ballweg adopted him, read of Ballweg’s plight on Facebook.
“She had been searching for hours for the little dog and feared that, if she could not find him that his leash would have been stuck on branches in the woods, and he would not be able to get back out,” Olsen-Ernst said. “Coyotes would have found him if his people didn’t. I went and joined her, and another of her co-workers came to join.”
Still another co-worker, Leslie Nemec, worked Ballweg’s shift so she could stay with the search party.
At one point, Ballweg posted this entreaty on her FB page: “Does anyone have a tracking dog I can use to look for my little Clyde? I’m afraid his leash is hung somewhere in the woods.”
By afternoon, a neighbor Ballweg and Olsen-Ernst never had met, Maria Belcher, happened by, introduced herself — from a COVID-friendly social distance, of course — and asked what was going on, Olsen-Ernst said.
Belcher went home, got her two boys, Dalton and Devon Dorow, and saddled up three horses. They, along with five dogs, Olsen-Ernst, Susan Wilson and Ballweg made up the rescue posse that ventured into the woods in search of the rescue dog.

Hillsboro Horses
The horse regiment found him on Belcher’s property shortly before 4 p.m.
“He was in thick brush, with his leash wrapped around and around the brush and could not get out,” Olsen-Ernst said. “Dalton crawled in and untangled the little guy and gave him his first horse ride back to his mom.”

Hillsboro Dog Horse

Dalton Dorow holds Clyde after rescuing him from brush. (Karen Olsen-Ernst photo)

Ballweg, who didn’t know he had been found, was stunned when she saw Clyde perched on Dalton’s lap on the horse,
Through Ballweg’s joyous tears, they were united in a tender video Ballweg posted on her Facebook page.