Kimmel gets Tom Brady to throw football through Matt Damon’s window

Can you imagine a window shattering in your home, then walking outside to discover NFL legend Tom Brady is the culprit?

That’s what happened to Matt Damon on Thursday night’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

It was the latest edition in a fictional feud between Kimmel and Damon that has played out over years on Kimmel’s late-night show.

The best part — and sheer irony — might be that Damon, a Massachusetts native, is a mega fan of the NFL superstar.

“Oh, no, do you live here?” Kimmel says, acting surprised as Damon storms out of the house.

“You know I live here!” responds Damon, stifling laughter while wearing a T-shirt printed with the film poster for his 2011 comedy, “We Bought A Zoo.”

Pair once donned ‘I’m With Stupid’ shirts

There have been too many hilarious skits to count when it comes to their A-list feud. The actors last year attended a World Series game between the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers, both wearing shirts that read, “I’m With Stupid,” with arrows pointing at each other.

Kimmel a year earlier hosted the Oscars and called Damon overweight and selfish.

“He handed what turned out to be an Oscar-caliber role over to his friend and made a Chinese-ponytail movie instead,” Kimmel said on stage as the audience erupted with laughter. “And that movie, ‘The Great Wall,’ went on to lose $80 million. Smooth move, dumba**.”

We’re not sure how much longer this feud will continue, but it doesn’t appear to be slowing down.