Kevin from ‘The Office’ shares an important message with La Crosse Co. residents: ‘Don’t spill the chili’

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – With the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in La Crosse County, a familiar face is sharing an important message: “Don’t spill the chili.”

On Tuesday the La Crosse County Health Dept. shared a video on its Facebook page of actor Brian Baumgartner, also known as Kevin from ‘The Office’, reminding everyone to continue taking the pandemic seriously.

The reference comes from the show’s very well-known chili spilling episode.

Original post:

Don't Spill the Chili

The La Crosse County Health Department has been fortunate to have a few familiar faces share messages about COVID-19. Thank you to "Kevin" from The Office for reminding us to not spill the chili. "I knew exactly what to do, but in a much more real sense I had no idea what to do." – Michael Scott. But seriously, we know what to do. Wear a mask, stay 6 feet apart, limit contact with others outside of your household, wash your hands. Let's stop "spilling the chili," or spreading COVID19.

Posted by La Crosse County Health Department on Tuesday, September 22, 2020