Ketamine infusion therapy: A promising way to treat mental illness

'Bloom Neurotherapy' offers alternative treatment

1 in every 6 adults will have depression at some point in their life, affecting nearly 16 million Americans every year. That’s according to the CDC. But a new business in Winona is offering alternative ways to beat these statistics.

Ketamine infusion is available at Bloom Nuerotherapy in Winona. A business that feeds ketamine through an IV, helping people with medication-resistant depression, PTSD, anxiety and suicidality.

Ketamine has been used for decades as a clinical anesthetic, and was even used in the Vietnam War -although people most often understand ketamine as a party drug called “Special K”.

As research continues to unfold about ketamine and it’s effect on the brain and body, professionals are finding significant benefits with ketamine and mental health. Giving patients immediate and effective results.

Co-owner of Bloom Neurotherapy, CRNA, and Anesthetist for 18 years, Beth Maki says, “Current research shows that if you can give those first six infusions within 14 days, 71% of people will enter remission from their mental health issues.”

It typically takes 6-weeks for an anti-depressant prescription to feel these effects.

In addition to the physical effects of ketamine, Maki describes the infusion treatment as giving patients a light, floaty feeling.

“It kind of takes you out of your body. Ketamine is considered a dissociative anesthetic, which means that it dissociates you from your normal, everyday reality. It kind of helps you shed the ego. It gives you a chance to look at your life from a new perspective and maybe come up with new solutions to your old problems that you’ve always had,” says Maki.

Once a client enters into remission, they are set up with a ‘Mood Monitor’ app on their phones. The app asks the patient a question every day, plotting the answers on a graph, logging the effectiveness of treatment.

Bloom Neurotherapy’s treatments are currently not covered by insurance. To qualify for the treatment, clients must have a written diagnosis, and they must have tried at least two medications already.

For more information on Bloom Neurotherapy and how ketamine therapy works, click here.

To set up an appointment, call 507-494-8702. For more information, contact

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