Kendhammer attorney granted another extension to file appeal

More details released in West Salem woman’s homicide

The attorney for the West Salem man convicted of killing his wife wants more time to file an appeal in the case.

Attorney Jerome Buting’s extension request was granted by the Court of Appeals. The appeal decision has been extended to April 15, 2020.

Multiple requests for extensions have been granted.

Kendhammer was found guilty of first degree intentional homicide in December of 2017 for the death of his wife, Barbara.

A jury handed down the guilty verdict following more than nine hours of deliberations and a trial that lasted about 9 days.

Prosecutors for the state claimed Kendhammer killed his wife and then staged a freak car accident to cover it up.

Kendhammer argued that a pipe fell off a passing truck and went through the couple’s car windshield, hitting and killing Barbara in the passenger’s seat.

Kendhammer is currently serving a life prison sentence, with a chance of parole after 30 years.