When cold weather comes, pets should come inside too

A good tip to remember is that if it's too cold for you to be outside, it's probably too cold for a pet
Sv Pets In Cold

LA CROSSE, Wis (WKBT) – A cold winter can be a pain to live in for you and your family, and yes, we are talking about those four-legged ones as well.

Temperatures are dropping so we want to remind people of the health of their pets.

While some pets do grow undercoats to help fight the cold, the extra fur helps them, but won’t act as a blanket for too long.

This matters even more with outdoor pets.

If you do have pets that stay outside, they must have a proper shelter, food, and water to be safe.

And you may think that any shelter can work, but it could prove dangerous to your animal friends.

“From summer to winter, we go on calls for dogs left in hot cars, the same is true for dogs left in cars when it’s cold. They actually tend to hold that cold in, so the vehicles are actually colder inside than it is outside. So it’s almost the reverse, it’s almost like a refrigerator,” said Kathy Kaskakaitas, the supervisor at Animal Control.

A good tip to remember is that if it’s too cold for you to be outside, it’s probably too cold for a pet.