Doctors offer advice to keep feet safe during the pandemic

Some patients develop itchiness and discoloration on their feet during pandemic
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LA CROSSE, Wis (WKBT) – One of the unseen symptoms coming from the pandemic has nothing to do with a cough, but everything to do with a person’s feet. With many people staying home, shoes become less common, but injuries to your feet may be more common.

Going without shoes can lead to pain caused by plantar fasciitis or even tendentious. Some patients develop itchiness and discoloration on their feet.

To combat some of this potential discomfort, people simply have to stay a little active

“It’s more likely due to sedentary activity in the house during lockdown. And not keeping your feet warm while you’re sitting around relaxing,” said Dr. Margaret Dubois, a Podiatrist at Mayo Clinic Health System.

People can keep their feet safe people by, at least, wearing slippers or some warm wool socks around the house.