Kabat, Farmer move on in La Crosse mayoral race

Tim Kabat and Doug Farmer are moving on in the race to be La Crosse’s next mayor. The two survived a crowded primary field of 11 candidates.

Kabat, 2,670 votes, earned 42% of the vote. Farmer, 1,400 votes, earned 22%.

Both men say they bring the experience needed for the job.

“What I’ve heard from voters is they’re tired of the mayor and the council not getting along,” said Kabat, the current executive director of Downtown Mainstreet Inc.

“They want the two groups to get together to (find) solutions for the city and that’s really what I’m going to try to do,” he added.

“I think we’ll keep stressing experience because I think people want the mayor’s office to work,” said Farmer.

“They want city hall to work and that’s what (I’m) going to stress,” Farmer added.

In other municipal races, Nic Breidel and Ryan Cornett move on in the La Crosse City Council District 3 race. Scott Neumeister and Dempsey Miller III move forward in the La Crosse City Council District 2. Richard Becker and Peg Jerome are moving on in the La Crosse City Council District 10.

The Spring Election is on April 2, 2013.