Juneau Co. Board passes resolution calling for DA’s resignation

The Juneau County Board is looking to make a change in district attorney.

The board voted Tuesday morning in favor of a resolution calling for D.A. Michael Solovey to resign from office.

The resolution passed 17 to 0 with four members absent.

The resolution says the county has a lack of confidence in Solovey being able to to carry out the duties of his office.

It says Solovey has shown disrespect for the public by making sexists, racist, and other offensive remarks in the office and in the public.

It also says he’s been abusive to the employees in his office and has created a hostile work environment.

A letter from the Juneau County Deputy Sheriff’s Association was shared at Tuesday’s meeting saying, in part:

“After nearly four years on the job, he has demonstrated that he is unwilling or incapable of prosecuting the crimes that plague our community, has shown a crass attitude towards crime victims and witnesses, and that he is unwilling to hear our concerns.”

“Juneau County’s law enforcement community take great risks to keep our communities safe and we’re tired of seeing cases fall through the cracks because our DA doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

Solovey has said in other media publications that he denies the allegations and plans to run for re-election.