Joe Biden no longer expected to accept the Democratic nomination in Milwaukee


Health officials in Wisconsin have informed the Democratic National Convention Committee that speakers for the 2020 Democratic convention should no longer travel to Milwaukee due to the coronavirus, a source familiar tells CNN.

That includes Biden and his eventual running mate. Neither will travel to Milwaukee, the source said.

This is the latest – and strongest — sign that the Democratic convention is going to happen almost entirely virtually.

This comes after ongoing consultations between health officials and DNCC officials about the pandemic.

The only speakers originating from Milwaukee now, a party official said, will be Wisconsin voters and officials who are part of the program. They will be prominent in the convention speaking lineup, along with people from other swing states. But no major speeches will be delivered from Milwaukee.

“The fear of community spread in Milwaukee, with media, production teams and party officials was just getting to be too much,” a senior Democratic official tells CNN. “We don’t want to risk anyone’s health for this.”

The change in locations for Biden’s speech is the most significant, along with his running mate. Both were planning to address the nation from Milwaukee. Now, the vice presidential nominee will deliver a speech from a location to be determined after she is selected, the party official said.

The change is yet another blow for Milwaukee. But the official said the rise in Wisconsin cases – as well as coronavirus cases across the country – led to the change.