Job hunters beware: employment scams are on the rise

Prairie du Chien, Wis. (WKBT) — Scammers are trying to take advantage of people looking for employment. Like many others in the pandemic, Stacey Dettmann was looking for a job when she uploaded her resume to Indeed.

A Greek software company named Alpiconn contacted Dettman over email.

“It sounded very real, you know from reading all the information,” Dettmann said. “They kind of give a little synopsis of the company and what they did.”

Dettmann was scheduled for a Skype video interview with Alpiconn. Instead, the interviewer began asking her questions over Skype message.

“I had everything set up to do a video interview and it never happened. I was really confused,” Dettmann said. “I’m like why are they interviewing me and asking me these questions via text.”

The interviewer asked Dettman for her home address. Dettman then asked the interviewer how they got her resume. This time, the company said CareerBuilder.

“And I said that’s funny, because I haven’t updated that website in a while,” Dettmann said.

Dettmann asked for the company’s website and was directed to a different website called Exis. The company then asked Dettman for her banking information. That’s when Dettman realized the interview was a scam.

“People really have to watch out and be knowledgeable of the things you see and read,” Dettmann said.

A report released by the Better Business Bureau found since the start of the pandemic, employment scams have gone up by 27%.  Scammers are targeting people who want to work from home.

“They’re being more cautious about going into the community and working with other people so their safe environment is at home,” Dettmann said.

Dettman says people should be wary of companies that don’t offer to speak over the phone or video chat.

“I have gotten phone calls from actual employers looking for people and doing interviews over the phone,” Dettmann said.

The Better Business Bureau says one way to avoid employment scams is making sure emails are from a company address. People should also avoid giving their personal information over text and email.

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