Jewel-encrusted model Ford Escort up for auction

You might need to get out your shades, because this bedazzled model Ford Escort is blinding.

Measuring just over 6 inches long, Russell Lord’s 1:25 scale replica of a Ford Escort RS1800 is built from gold, silver and platinum and studded with diamonds, sapphires and rubies.

And if you’re interested in owning this precious item, it’s going up for auction May 2 at a starting price of £50,000, or $64,568. That’s enough to buy two real, life-sized Ford Tauruses. (Production of the Escort ended in 2004 in Europe.)

It’s blinged out

Lord, a diamond mounter and car enthusiast, spent 1,300 hours creating this homage to champion rally driver Ari Vatanen’s Ford from the late 1970s .

He spared no expense while designing the replica. It’s estimated to be worth at least £78,000, or $100,732, from its materials alone.

About 75-80% of the model vehicle is made of solid silver, while the rear spoiler, bonnet hinges, wheels and steering rack are gold.

The headlights, lower spotlights and reversing light are made of diamonds. The front and rear indicators are orange sapphires, the rear brake lights are rubies and the oval rear Ford badge is a blue sapphire.

And true to the original, the model car has a full roll cage and rally bucket seats.

” This ain’t no ordinary little car, ” Lord said in a description of the model on auction website The Market. ” This is a proper car. ”

Lord left his mark on the model by finishing the white gold radiator grill with a ” Lord ” decal instead of ” Ford. ”

The proceeds will go to charity

All money beyond the reserve price will be donated to children’s charities chosen by Lord, according to the auction website.

The auction ends on May 14. The auctioneer hopes to surpass the current record for a real, full-size Ford Escort, which is £203,100 or $262,410.