Jackson County Sheriff hopes new tech helps crack 2 cold cases

Evidence will be sent to Texas

Two separate cold cases in Jackson County could be cracked by new technology.

Jackson County Sheriff Duane Waldera announced Monday afternoon that evidence from two cases will be sent to Texas.

The first dates back to 1978. A 45 year-old man’s skull was found on the east side of Black River Falls.

The second happened in 1990. Parts of a woman’s body were found in two graves in the Town of Brockway. Her head was never found.

“I’m more intrigued about the new technologies out there and the possibilities now of getting some identification and some profiles that we were not able to do in the past,” Sheriff Waldera said.

“I actually have high hopes that we’re going to at least get a DNA profile, and I think a DNA profile is going to help us advance our case a lot,” said Jackson County Sheriff Detective Kelly Bakken.

The sheriff believes the bodies are not people from the area since the timing does not match with any outstanding missing person reports.