Jack of all trades: How Lincoln’s Jack Anderson quickly turned into one of best QBs in the state

Alma Center Lincoln’s Jack Anderson came into this season on the watch list for the best senior QB in Wisconsin.

And his most recent game was just another example why: in the first quarter alone, Jack was 9-12 for 258 yards and five touchdowns.

On the year he’s over 1,000 yards with 13 TD to three picks, with a rating of 118. The year before, he threw 38 touchdowns. Given his nose for the end zone, it’s hard to imagine him not playing the position. But there was a time not too long ago when that was the reality.

“He was a point guard on our JV basketball team (a few years ago) and I saw a kid who could see things,” head coach Jeremy Hanson said. “When we started late last summer with football, he was going to dual-sport. He was going to run cross country and be a football player, and I said my quarterback can’t do that, and he goes, I’m not a quarterback. He told me point-blank he wasn’t.

“Really those seniors [last year] helped me step up,” Anderson said. “I was kind of nervous going into the year, and they just made me feel like I was part of the team and welcome.”

“The receivers really took care of him, and you could see that role switch as the year went on,” Hanson said. “Instead of the receivers telling him they’re open, it was him saying, ‘You need to do this, because I see this is going to work,’ and it was a really neat transition.”

“Just having [the honor of being on the Krieg watch list] on my mind now, it just is kind of surreal,” Anderson said, “but it makes me want to prove that it’s for nothing, and that I deserve to be on that list.”