Items donated from retired Genoa power plant could raise nearly $35,000 for Habitat for Humanity

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — Donations from Dairyland Power Cooperative’s retired Genoa Station #3 may yield nearly $35,000 for Habitat for Humanity La Crosse Area.

Dairyland donated about 30,000 pounds of office furnishings and infrastructure items this month to the Habitat ReStore’s ReClaim Salvage Program. Dairyland estimates these donations could raise about $19,000 in funding for Habitat’s mission of providing safe and affordable housing.

This is the second donation of this kind, with another 21,285 pounds of items donated earlier in the Genoa plant’s dismantlement process. Those items raised $14,190.

“As a cooperative, we are always looking for ways to benefit local communities and find sustainable ways to reuse materials,” said Habitat President and CEO Brent Ridge. “Combined, the donations from Dairyland will yield nearly $35,000 in funds to help build and repair homes in the Coulee Region.”

“The ReClaim Program provides a very important service for the community. Not only does it help our environment by diverting items from the landfill, but it also provides hope and help for families right here where we live and work,” said Habitat Executive Director Kahya Fox.

Genoa Station #3 was retired June 1 of 2021 after 52 years in operation.

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