It is unlikely people can be reinfected with COVID-19, health experts say

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – On Wednesday the La Crosse County Health Department reported one person tested positive for COVID-19 a second time.

This caused many people to worry that they could also get it again.

However, one local health expert says it’s unlikely the person got the virus more than once.

Instead, he says the person probably never fully recovered.

“What’s been published in the literature, where they’ve had an infection symptom-free period, and then new symptoms, that’s coincided with relapse as opposed to reinfection,” said Ala Dababneh, M.D., infectious disease specialist at Mayo Clinic Health System.

Dababneh says health experts are learning more about the virus each day.

He also mentioned that if you do recover from COVID-19 but start to feel sick again, make sure you call your doctor.